Being a (Comfortable) Middle Aged Traveller

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I realized not too long ago that I like to travel with things that make travel life easier and more comfortable for me. It probably came to me as I was researching a magnifying travel mirror for putting on make-up. I need the magnification because I can’t see to put on eye make-up otherwise and I’m averse to looking like a clown. Some of the following things are in my Travel Tips post, but not all.

Being a (Comfortable) Middle Aged Traveller

Not the mirror I chose

I started thinking about what else I’ve purchased or done to make my travels easier.

I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I’ve bought a Face Cradle travel pillow through their Kickstarter campaign. I have a terrible time sleeping on flights and my last overnight flight I couldn’t sleep a wink and my back was killing me. I’m looking forward to my next long-haul flight this summer just to give it a try. I don’t care if I look silly if I can get a couple of hours of shut-eye.

I probably have too many electronics, but they make me happy on a trip.

Being a (Comfortable) Middle Aged Traveller

Too many electronics

I purchased the SkyRoam worldwide portable wifi. I hate being on coffee shop wifi; it’s slow and unprotected. There’s no guarantee that there will be wifi where I’m staying either. Sure, the resort in Cuba said they had it. Did they? No.

I have an iPhone, and I can’t decide whether to take the iPad, the MacBook Air, or the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with me next trip. The MacBook makes it easier to write, but it’s the heaviest. The Surface Pro 3 is the most versatile, but it doesn’t sync with my phone. The iPad is the lightest and syncs with my phone, but it’s the slowest which makes for frustrating writing and posting.

Not to mention all the chargers and cables. I carry two external batteries in my carry-on, which are not lightweight. Several flash drives, a camera (although I really do prefer to use my phone), over-ear headphones, voltage adapters, and a USB station.

Not to mention the shoes.

Being a (Comfortable) Middle Aged Traveller

Those straps may start to chafe

It’s hard to find the right shoes for travel. Those snazzy sandals? One kilometre into your first city walkabout and those top straps are chafing the hell out of your feet. Yes, you thought you’d worked them in. Nope. And you maybe have to take into account the heat. Are your feet going to swell a little? Maybe. I have a pair of ratty old tried and true sandals that have seen me through a lot of cities. It’s time to retire them and I feel concerned about my new ones. I do have a pair of comfortable slip-on sneakers that are great, but sometimes you want to wear sandals dammit! And you always have to have a pair of dressy shoes. You just do.

Comfortable clothes go without saying.

Being a (Comfortable) Middle Aged Traveller

Pack comfy clothes

They really do. If it’s not something you’d wear for comfort at home, why would you take up valuable suitcase space with it? Obviously we’re not talking about business travel here. Even something dressy can be comfortable.

We always buy extra leg room.

My husband is 6’5″. That kind of explains that. I sit beside him so it’s like a LOT of leg room for me as I’m a foot shorter than he is.

The key to the game is, do what’s right for you.

Go off the grid, sleep sitting up, take your high heels and your fanciest gown! Do what you like to do.

Being a (Comfortable) Middle Aged Traveller

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