Canadian Stereotypes, eh?


Canadian stereotypes. We’ve all heard them; most Canadians have laughed at them. But is there some truth to them?

1. We all say “Eh?”

No. Ok, I have caught myself saying it, but it doesn’t pepper every conversation. I think we can thank Bob and Doug McKenzie for this one.

2. It’s always cold.

In the winter. Canadian summers can be very hot and muggy too.

Canadian Stereotypes, eh?

3. We’re all extremely polite.

This one might be true. Sorry.

4. We say a-boot as opposed to about.

No one says a-boot. Unless they are referring to footwear.

5. We only watch hockey.

Canadians do enjoy hockey, but there’s more to life than overpaid athletes trying to put a little rubber disk into a net. I’m not saying I’ve never cheered for my local team, but c’mon, of course that’s not all we watch. There’s Canadian football too.

Canadian Stereotypes, eh?

6. It’s always winter.

See #2

7. We only drink Tim Hortons’ coffee.

No. We have Starbuck’s too. And many, many others. Some people do love their Timmys though, that’s why it’s a thing.

8. We love maple syrup.

Yes. We do. So does everyone else who has ever tasted it.

Canadian Stereotypes, eh?

9. We skate/ski/dogsled/skidoo to work.

No. That’s just silly. Only in the winter. But honestly, no one does this.

10. We live in igloos.

The igloos you are thinking of are temporary snow/ice structures built by the Inuit. In actuality, in the Inuit language, igloo means “house”. So you could say we ALL live in igloos.

Canadian Stereotypes, eh?

11. All we drink is beer.

That would be something. However, there ARE some amazing beers out there. This also seems to clash with #7. We also drink award winning Canadian whiskey.

Canadian Stereotypes, eh?

R&B Brewing sampler

12. We all speak French.

I wish this one was true. A second language is a bonus to anyone.

13. We say “pencil crayons” as opposed to “colored pencils” and “zed” not “zee”.

Yes, we do. And, by the way, it’s “coloured pencils”. We use the Queen’s english.

14. All we eat is poutine.

Again, I wish this one was true. Piping hot french fries covered in cheese curds and gravy; heavenly.

Canadian Stereotypes, eh?

Delicious poutine

15. The only police are Mounties.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP or Mounties) are the national police force. They are the police in places not large enough for their own police force. Most cities have their own police.

16. There are lumberjacks roaming the streets.

I’m sure some do, but they look like people. Although I’m sure most Canadian homes have a plaid mac (short for mackinaw) jacket in them somewhere.

Did I miss any? Feel free to comment with your own!

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Canadian Stereotypes, eh?

Canadian Stereotypes, eh?

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