Cuba Family Getaway

The Iberostar Ensenachos Resort, 90 minutes from the Santa Clara airport in Cuba, is a sprawling property that takes up its own cayo (a small low island), on Cayo Ensenachos. Never having visited Cuba before, I didn’t know what to expect. I like to do a lot of research before I go somewhere, but this time the best reason to go was because a friend had visited this resort and loved it.

Cuba Family Getaway

Map of the resort

Upon arrival there was a short orientation session complete with tropical drinks. We were golf carted to our rooms with our luggage and settled into our 2nd floor rooms. We were: Mike, my mother-in-law, my 11 year old daughter, and myself.

It’s a little different travelling with three generations. We ate dinner a little earlier, went to bed a little earlier, and didn’t do anything too athletic. If Mike and I had been on our own we would have habituated the adults only pool no doubt, and dined and stayed out later.

The pool had a swim-up bar though. One reason to carry cash at an all-inclusive (and only one), is to tip your bartenders and servers.

Cuba Family Getaway

Swim-up bar

Mike and I had a large room with a king and the tween and MIL shared a room with two queen beds next door. We were in the Park Suites, the only section that allows kids and young teens; each building had 24 rooms over two floors. We actually never strayed far from the Park Suites area. The central main building had most of the food and drink venues and as it was a very long walk to the Grand Villa Suites area, we never saw it. In fact we never even went to Ensenachos Beach but stayed at Megano Beach most afternoons.

Cuba Family Getaway

Park Suite Room

Megano Beach has spoiled me for most other beaches now. Beautiful soft white sand, crystal clear warm water, a beach bar, a beach restaurant, and many beach recliners and palapas. We never went to the beach first thing to claim a seat, there were always several available when we arrived.

I was wading in knee-deep water one afternoon when I felt a sharp sting on my shin but I could see nothing in the water. Upon examination, there was nothing to see on my leg, just a lingering stinging sensation. The next morning I developed the itchiest bumps on my shin; we suspect I encountered a small jellyfish. The bumps were in a pretty pattern though.

Cuba Family Getaway

Megano Beach

The food was good. The variety didn’t change much day-to-day, but I didn’t expect it to. We dined in two of the specialty restaurants while we were there, and although it was a nice change to have your food brought to you instead of getting it yourself, the quality was about the same. The service was excellent throughout no matter where you were. I liked sitting at the same table in the buffet dining room each day as our servers got to know us.

Cuba Family Getaway

Buffet Dining Room

The Main Building rooms were open and airy. It was nice to sit in the lobby in the evening with a drink, chatting with people we met at the resort, mostly Canadians and Europeans.

Cuba Family Getaway

Main Building Lobby

As you might expect, we didn’t do a lot that week other than eat, drink, and sun ourselves. We did take a catamaran trip one day to a dolphin rescue centre where we were allowed to meet a one-eyed dolphin and pay ten dollars for a a photo with her. It’s on our fridge.

We also made several snorkel stops along the way and generally had a really nice but tiring day.

Cuba Family Getaway

Long day on the catamaran

I would return to Cuba, but I’d like to see Havana next. I’ve heard really lovely things about it. Although, given the opportunity, I’ll be back to Ensenachos.

Cuba Family Getaway

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