Emerald Waterways Danube Delights Day Seven – Budapest

Emerald Waterways Danube Delights Day Seven

Day seven of our Danube River cruise in Budapest was our final full day on the Emerald Sky. We docked on the Buda side around 8:30 in the morning and after breakfast, everyone piled into several tour buses.

For those who aren’t aware, Budapest is divided in two by the Danube and didn’t actually become one city until 1873 almost 30 years after the Chain Bridge was built. Buda, on the west side, is smaller and less densely populated due to the hilly terrain while Pest is flat and sprawls eastward.

Bus Tour

Our tour first took us up into the Buda Hills to the Liberty Statue high above the city on the Gellért Hill. The statue was erected in 1947 and commemorates those who gave up their lives for the independence, freedom, and prosperity of Hungary.

Emerald Waterways Danube Delights Day Seven - Budapest

The view from Gellért Hill

Our next stop was Heroes Square on the Pest side and our guide took us through a great cross-section of the city. We drove up the wonderful Andrassy Avenue, a world heritage site, which runs from the city centre to Heroes Square and Central Park. The wide avenue is bordered by palaces, shops, and cafés as well as the State Opera House. It has a tree-shaded cobbled walkway down each side with strategically placed benches for the sore of feet.

Emerald Waterways Danube Delights Day Seven - Budapest

The Liberty Statue and Millennium Monument at Heroes Square

Heroes Square is a huge expanse with some impressive statuary. The Millennium Column is topped with the archangel Gabriel and has at its base the Seven Chieftans of the Magyars who led the Hungarian people to the Carpathian Basin (where Hungary is today). Two collonades are on either side featuring kings and heroes of the country. In front of the column is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Emerald Waterways Danube Delights Day Seven - Budapest

Left Collonade

Emerald Waterways Danube Delights Day Seven - Budapest

Right Collonade

The Palace of Art is to one side of the square while the Museum of Fine Art is on the other. The end opposite Andrassy Avenue has a bridge leading into the beautiful City Park.

Reboarding the buses, we wended our way back through the city centre and back over to the Buda side to Castle Hill where Fisherman’s Bastion and Matthias Church are located. Fisherman’s Bastion (a long terrace with great views of the city) has seven towers representing each of the Magyar Tribes. It was built as a mostly decorative structure around 1905. It is situated next to the Matthias Church, which has been there in some form since 1255 and is where many of Hungary’s kings were crowned.

Emerald Waterways Danube Delights Day Seven - Budapest

The view of the Parliament Buildings from Fisherman’s Bastion

In our free time after the bus tour (we were dropped back on the Pest side), Mike and I scoped out where we would be staying in Budapest after the cruise. That taken care of, we wandered a bit and then went back to the ship knowing we would have a couple of days after this to explore the city.

Evening Cruise on the Danube

It had been up in the air several days earlier whether or not we would be able to do the scheduled evening cruise past the Parliament Buildings. Budapest was hosting the FINA World Championships while we were there and for some reason (possibly security) the evening cruise had originally been cancelled. So we were quite happy to find that we were allowed to have our cruise.

But first, we had our final dinner on the ship as the sun went down.

Emerald Waterways Danube Delights Day Seven - Budapest

Final dinner on the ship

During dinner, I dashed up to the sun deck to snap some photos of an amazing rainbow that spanned the Danube.

Emerald Waterways Danube Delights Day Seven - Budapest


Unfortunately, the rainbow did not presage the end of the rain that evening. During our cruise, it was really cold and wet but I had brought a jacket for just such an occasion. We went north and around Margaret Island and back down past the Parliament Buildings which were spectacular. In the Horizon Lounge, our wonderful bartenders were putting together specialty drinks to warm everyone up. Did I mention they were the best?

Emerald Waterways Danube Delights Day Seven - Budapest

Hungarian Parliament Buildings by night

After the cruise, we spent our last evening chatting in the lounge, having nightcaps, and then packing. We were off the ship by ten the next morning and on to our solo Budapest adventure.


If asked if I would do a river cruise again with Emerald Waterways, I would have to give a resounding “Yes!” Everything from the tours, the food, the accommodation, and especially the service, was excellent. Mike and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

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Emerald Waterways Danube Delights Day Seven - Budapest

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  1. The Parliament building looks like something out of a fairy-tale. I’ve always wanted to visit Budapest. Definitely need to start planning my trip soon. I really love the architecture of this place. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A wet and cold cruise is a bit of a bummer, but from the photo you can’t even tell at all that it was happening! You look like you’re having a blast, and with Budapest as your backdrop, how could you not? Incredible history and architecture all along the river!

  3. Budapest sounds amazing, I love your photo of the parliament at night. Also I had NO idea that the name came from combining the original names of the two towns on the opposite sides of the river! You learn something new everyday!

  4. I didn’t get a chance to go on a cruise while in Budapest. But this article reaffirmed my belief that it would have been awesome! BTW, the Hungarian Parliament building at night is one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen!

  5. Budapest looks so beautiful. It has been near the top of my travel wishlist for quite some time. Your post is making me want to plan a trip now!

  6. From the pictures alone I think I need to take a trip to Budapest in the near future! My family is very big on going on cruises and I will have to share this with them!

  7. I’ve never been to Budapest, but it looks lovely! I love that Parliament photo taken at night. What did you have for dinner? I’m not familiar with Hungarian dishes.

    1. Post
  8. This post made me ready to go back to Budapest all over again. Not that I need much motivation lol. I will totally consider a little cruise the next time I go. What a nice experience!

  9. what a coincidence.. today only one of my colleague and me were discussing about travelling to budapest…. this surely looks like one awesome destination….

  10. Ohh, I love Budapest! Such a vibrant city! Every time I saw the cruise ships on the Danube I was craving to go on one of them at least for dinner but never did it :)) Maybe next time!
    Happy that you had a good time!

  11. Wow, I’ve never been to Budapest before but these pics certainly make for a compelling reason to go. The rainbow over the Danube is just beautiful and your trip sounded fab xo

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